Reasons To Start Blogging

Have you ever had an awesome business idea and wanted to tell people about it? Maybe you even started that business at one point, but it had trouble getting off the ground so you gave up.

Maybe you even had something on your mind you just wanted to tell people about. You wish you had a place to put all of those thoughts, feelings and emotions. Some where they might benefit someone at least.

Or possibly you just have so much knowledge about something or a specific industry, that you feel inclined to tell people about it!

All of these are great examples of why starting a blog is a good idea. Blogs don’t have to cover one specific topic, genre, or thought process either. They can be molded to fit just about anything you want to discuss or use them for.

For those reasons, I want to write a ‘blog’ about why blogging a great idea for most people to start!

Reasons To Start Blogging

There are a few important things that I can point too that would support this idea. The idea is – that you should start a blogging as soon as possible, and you should not wait anymore. But here are the top four reasons we are going to discuss:

  • Start to learn about websites
  • Figure out your talents
  • Build your audience
  • Learn consistency

Anything you do in life is going to follow a similar pattern to these points above really. There is an initial learning phase, followed by you figuring out what you’re good at, then it is followed by some recognition, and only maintained with consistency.

Clearly, this is a normal process for just about anything you will do in life. Although, we are going to apply it to why blogging is a great idea! First thing to dive into is – learning about websites.

Start To Learn About Websites

Seriously though, if you live in the new digital age and you don’t know much about websites then you are already behind. Websites are so common, you use them every single day, and chances are you spend a bunch of time on them.

Although, besides blogging there are many reasons to start learning about websites.

First, expanding your knowledge is always a great idea. Second, websites can be used for just about anything. People use them to chat, place orders, promote their business, scam people (I don’t recommend that), they work on them as a job, push out ads, run statistics, and multiple other reasons. Personally, I think people should learn about them to expand their possibilities in the work place, and for their own personal business ideas.

Throughout your life, you are probably going to have a few business ideas you want to test out. With this knowledge about websites already in your head, you could potentially save weeks and months of effort on building an effective website to help get your idea out there to people. Really, there is a ton to learn so you might as well start now to give future self every advantage to be successful!

Figure Out Your Talents

As you start blogging, you are going to figure out certain things about yourself.

Maybe you are a talented writer and you never really knew that. Maybe you are extremely creative and can constantly come up with good engaging content for people to read and enjoy. Or you could figure out that you are a natural with web development and naturally understand the inner workings of websites.

One thing is for sure though: you will not be good at all of them.

There will be certain things that you will have to just learn over time, or possibly even seek out some help with. For myself, I am a natural at writing and coming up with content, but when it comes to fixing small issues on my site that require code, I usually need help.

Everyone will be a little bit different. Although, by figuring out what your strengths and weaknesses are, you can know where to start learning!

Build Your Audience

This is one of the things most people really forget about. Building a usable and effective audience on a certain industry or topic takes years to do properly.

It will take you between 2 to 5 years to build a strong consistent audience around your blog, and that is if you work at it. It takes people a long time to build up those popular blogs that you see online with thousands of subscribes, and the person running it has been consistent for many many years to get it there.

On average, you will probably get between 1 to 2 subscribers per 1000 to 2000 unique visits. That means for every one thousand people that visit your site, you might get one person to subscribe and give you their email. For instance, lets say you site reaches 10,000 people a month. That’s only around 5 to 10 subscribers a month which is a great start.

Although that is still only around 100 subscribes a year. In five years, that only adds up to 500 people. You can start to see why consistency and building upon your audience are incredibly important when trying to get a strong blog.

Learn To Post Consistently

Like we were just discussing, consistency is key.

Nothing in life comes to those who work really hard for a short amount of time then give up. Those who work fairly hard year over year at something will be the ones that succeed. Consistently gaining more exposure, backlinks, emails, and knowledge to become a successful blogger.

All of this knowledge and exposure can be applied to any website though. So, if you start blogging today you can skip those years of trouble later on when you want to launch your own business online. It can honestly make the difference in your business failing or succeeding in the long run.

You could start with a sprint from all your website knowledge if you start today. Or you could take your chances and just try to learn it all later. The choice is yours, but I started my journey into websites a year and a half ago.

Already it has paid off as I launch my own business. I am quite happy with myself and the investment I made into the virtual world of websites.

Start Blogging

I hope you enjoyed this post on why you should start blogging today. If you read through it, then thank you for your support as well. We have a ton of useful posts on how to start a blog, things to avoid, blogging basics, and tools you might need. Make sure to check all of them out if you are interested!