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Starting 3D Printing – Newbie to Newbie

Who doesn’t like starting a new hobby? I know I do, so here is my newest part of the site – 3D Printing Blog! Personally, I love starting new things. The cool toys, learning different skills, and diving into a new community are the best rush you can get! Recently, that has been 3D printing […]

How to Maintain a Blog or Website

If you are thinking about blogging, or perhaps you already own a blog, then you are going to need to learn about how to maintain it. Maintaining a blog can be quite time consuming, but overall it is necessary if you are going to have a successful site. Just to preface this post – we […]

How To Recover A Website If Deleted Or Reset

How To Recover A Website The worst thing for a blogger or website owner is waking up, clicking on your website and seeing that it is down. What a headache. There are so many things that could be wrong. But it always seems to happen at the worst times when you really do not want […]

Top 4 Reasons To Start Blogging

Have you ever had an awesome business idea and wanted to tell people about it? Maybe you even started that business at one point, but it had trouble getting off the ground so you gave up. Maybe you even had something on your mind you just wanted to tell people about. You wish you had […]

How To Keep Your Website Healthy – Website Health

As you start your online journey into building websites, hosting stores, and promoting the virtual world, you are going to encounter problems. Some of these problems might be easy to solve like fixing your SEO, finding a good source for photos, or finding engaging content. These are all things you might expect to be problems […]

How To Monetize A Blog – Top 5 Ways

If you found your way to this post, then that more than likely means that you are a blogger! First of all, I want to say congrats on taking the daring leap to put your ideas, beliefs, and knowledge all online. It is extremely hard to write creatively, manage a website, and continue to research […]

Web Links And Domain Names – What Is A Website Link

As you start to venture into the unknown of websites and all that they entail, you might start to wonder if there is any importance to the links and domains associated with different sites. In short, yes there is a lot to learn and know about these links are you start your journey. For instance, […]

Blogging Pitfalls – Avoid Doing These Things

When you start your blogging journey, there is so much to learn. From perfecting your craft of writing, to managing your SEO, to building your social media accounts, to updating your website, and more and more and more. Really there is a ton to do and consider. Although, there are certain things you need to […]

Should You Take A Break Blogging – Effects Of Stopping

If you are new to blogging, you might be wondering a few important things before you dive into the unknown. Some of them might be: How long until I have hundreds or thousands of readers on my blog? Once I have all of these readers, can I just take a break or stop blogging? What […]