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The Beginner’s Guide to Interior Photography

One bad picture can spoil the impression of even the coolest interior design. At the same time, a professional picture is quite capable of transforming a modest room into a model of style. I will share some tips that helped me to improve my interior photography skill. And I hope these tips will help you […]

Tricks To Create Stories With Photography

The Photographer has many tools to make memorable pictures: point of view, light, sense of moment, composition. Any of these tools deserve a deep dive article, but I want to share something about my favorite tool of all – creating stories. Tricks To Create Stories With Photography There are many ways create stories with photography. […]

Point of View in Photography

Photography is one of the youngest visual arts, it is not even 200 years old. According to archeologists, the oldest rock paintings found in Spanish caves are more than 40,000 years old, that’s how young photography is! Photography is like a curious kid in the world of grown-ups of visual arts, but kids grow fast, […]

Things to know when buying a new DSLR camera

Simple and not-so-simple tips that will help you buy a working camera I remember when I was choosing my first camera. It was a bit overwhelming; I tell you that. I was drowning in information. In the end, I chose Canon 60D, which at the time was a very decent “crop” camera to start your […]

Outdoor Portrait Photography – Improving Your Photoshoots

Summer is the season of the photoshoot fiesta in the open air. Every photographer in the city goes for photo walks to make authentic and original portraits. And I bet that every single one pondered the question: how to improve my photography and create something memorable and exciting?  Outdoor Portrait Photography This article is more […]

Love Story Photoshoot In Studio Space

There is nothing more precious than love. Each couple experience is different and unique, they have their own way showing shades of emotions. Moreover, every couple feels that this is the pinnacle of their lifetime. That’s what Love Story photoshoot tells you about. Reflect this individuality in your photos, immerse yourself in the lives of […]

How To Use layers In Composition

I strongly believe that pictures with layered composition always attract attention. I’m not talking about layers in Photoshop, lets leave our digital machines to rest for a while. Using background and foreground effectively, you can have a great impact on any viewer. Trust me, if your work will have depth and volume, you’ll be able […]